Hydrate Your Skin

Polynucleotides injectables are used on facial areas including under the eyes, neck, and even the jawline and cheekbones.

polynucleotides Injectables

What are Polynucleotides?

Polynucleotides are an injectable bio-stimulator that are crafted from purified Trout or Salmon DNA fragments, and encourage collagen and elastin production, two essentialproteins within the skin that decrease with age, by boostingfibroblast cells, promoting tissueregeneration and restoring skin tone and elasticity. They offer antioxidant and hydrating benefits, alongsidebio-remodeling effects, resulting in healthier and more youthful-looking skin.

Polynucleotides can be effectively used for various facial areas including under the eyes, neck, and even the jawline and cheekbones. Currently, the most sought-after application tends to be the under-eye area.

There is little downtime with Polynucleotides, as with similar skin boosters such as Profhilo. Polynucleotides contain animal-derived ingredients, making them unsuitable for vegetarians, vegans, or individuals with fish allergies. Additionally, it is not recommended during pregnancy or while breastfeeding, as is the case with any injectable procedures.  However, due to its natural composition and versatility in application, it will be suitable for most patients.

Benefits of Polynucleotides 

  • Stimulates Fibroblasts to Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Remodels Skin to Smooth Texture & Reduce Scars
  • Repairs Skin Cells to Calm Inflammation such as Rosacea
  • Promotes Bio-Regeneration to Increase Collagen
  • Improves Elasticity to Tighten Loose Skin
  • DNA Fractions to Regenerate Skin Quality & Hydrates the Skin
polynucleotides Injectables


What They Say


“What a treat, had my eyeliner done today, very pleased with the result, worth every penny. Julia is very Covid aware, I felt very safe in her immaculate peaceful salon. Be back soon for more treatments.”


“Had my brows done today and I’m over the moon. Never had permanent make-up before but Julia explained everything clearly and reassured me the whole time.”


“First time getting permanent make up and not only was Julia welcoming, camling and incredibly professional, she has done such an amazing job! Thank you so much!


“Thank you so much Julia for doing my eyebrows so pleased with them. You have done a great job will be recommending to any friends that are thinking of having any treatments done.”


“Thank you so much Julia for my microblading. I’m so happy with the results. I was nervous about having it done but you made me feel so relaxed by explaining everything you were doing. You listened and discussed with me exactly what I wanted the end result to be like. 

I’d highly recommend, very professional, beautiful salon and great all round experience. I’ll be back for other treatments.”